60% now mobile

Is your site optimized to work on a mobile device? Does it have a responsive design? It better be or you are missing out!

I actually do not know of anyone that uses a desktop at home. The most they have is a laptop and pretty much use their phone or there tablet. The latest I saw is that right now 60% of users are on mobile devices!

If these users are anything like me, I guarantee they won’t surf your site if it’s not mobile ready.

Now let’s talk apps. Not only do you want a responsive site, but you also want to be sure that you are listed and up to date on sites like Yelp. Just the other day, I looked up a sign company and I was sitting in the parking lot of where it said it was. How frustrating to have to call them to ask them where they were. If they weren’t the only game near by, I bet you I would have moved on.

There’s a lot happening out there in the mobile world. Do you know how to tap into it?

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