Give To The Children

1 + 1 = 3 — Synergy

Hi I’m Mike Whitlach, I’m the man behind “Animal”… Animal and I are here to bring others together, to bring YOU, to help bring awareness for the need for uncompensated care for sick children and make a difference for our future generations…

I used to be quite involved, however the bike broke down at the toy run a few years ago and I just stopped being involved.

I won’t lie things have been tough and it’s been eating at me for quite some time. Even though the bike is still down, I am compelled to get back in the game.

So today (7/14/2018) I am reinstating 1+1=3. 


1 + 1 = 3 synergy

Animal & I are here to help bring awareness for the need for uncompensated care for sick children & make a difference for our future generations.

That’s why I am reinstating the 1 + 1 = 3 synergy.

What is that?  well it means Me + You = The Kids! 

Wondering how it all works? Well for every dollar you spend, 1% will be donated to the Children’s Hospital at the the end of the year!

This includes websites, branding packages, design work and even promotional products you purchase from Inbound Designs or Inbound Promotions


Animal, everyone knows Animal but who is the man behind Animal…

In the summer of 2012, Animal was born! Sitting around a trivia table my friend Terra wanted to make me an Elmo helmet cover for me to wear at the next children’s ride event that was coming up in the next few days. My friend said “NO… ANIMAL!”. Everyone high fived and my awesome friend Terra worked tirelessly for 3 days straight and created my cover in time for me to have it for the Children’s Ride event. I figured I would just wear it during the rides but it brings so much joy to everyone, that I have continued to keep Animal alive.

In 2005 I was (overcome) with a sense of belonging when I stumbled upon the Children’s Ride put on by the Imagine Guild. I have always had a soft spot for children and animals especially since I became a father to two baby girls whom are the apples of my eyes. When I became a father I became even more compassionate and understood how vulnerable children and animals are to others. Overtime as I became more involved I was touched by how amazingly generous and caring The Seattle’s Children Hospital was and how they were making a huge impact on our community. Since then I’ve taken part every year made several friends and have contributed in any way that I can and want to share with you how you can make a difference in their lives as well.

While being on the Guild one of the few ways that I’ve witnessed of how they are able to help is with donations for uncompensated care for the children. These donations help with the medical attention that the parents wouldn’t be able to afford while also blessing the children with the opprtunity to grow up and live a happy and healthy life. I’ve also witnessed the tragedies and the need for more donations to help with the continuing advances in health care. Children are very delicate and require an abundance of love and special care to help them through a very trying time in their life.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Animal and the man behind Animal and to learn more about the cause!

See you on the Road.