Networking and Affiliates, Power of the People

I’m just one guy who can work up to 80 hours a week, soooo I guess I’m two guys? That doesn’t sound conceded at all… but what I am getting at is if I kill myself pulling in 80 hours, I’m just two people. I want to be 200,000 people (while sitting on the beach getting sun burned). So how can I do that???? Power of the people and with some help using affiliate marketing that could be possible.

There are numerous ways to achieve this. Mainly you need to write, which I hate doing the most. But if you do write, just the simple act of putting a link to a website can make you 3-8% or more. I’ve seen up to 75% on the purchase of an item that you’re already using and happen to mention.

Most companies like Amazon for example have 100’s of thousands of products that when someone reading your material will click on your link to purchase it and Amazon will happily give you a kickback for sending them your way. But one small issue. You have the link and you’re set up as an affiliate but how do you get people to click on that link. This is where networking comes in.

The more people you have following you, the more people will click on it to buy that item when they read that you used it, loved it or need it to do what you’re doing to be successful.

Now just selling other products is good, but if you sold your own digital product now even better. In my next blog, I’ll discuss ways of utilizing facebook to gain revenue.


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