Speed Matters - Decreasing page load time increases conversions.

I’ve been saying this for years!!!!

Almost all websites I test score less than 70% out of 100%  usually are in the 50% or less. I offer a 85% guarantee or better with most of my packages. 

YES, site speed matters a ton! Not only does Google reward you for a faster site, so do your visitors by coming back. 

Living in a world of instant gratification, users don’t want to wait and Google doesn’t want to show a slow site. You will lose out on sales and traffic.

To help show you what I mean, I have gathered info from numerous sources including Neil Patel that are the authority in this area. And these guys know the business. 

Some Hard Facts

Why it matters

“Google will reduce the amount of crawlers it sends to your site if your server is slower than two seconds.”

You don’t want that AT ALL… And who doesn’t want a site that loads quickly? I sure certainly don’t wait around..

Don’t take my word on it. Let the data do the talking.

According to 2018 research by Google, 53% of mobile users leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load.

The same research says the average mobile site takes more than 15 seconds to load. Don’t be THAT guy!

More and more people are realizing this so now is the time to beat them all out and be the ahead of the curve. Because we know, that every second you are slower is more customers and conversions lost. Time really is money.

Google rolled out a new page speed update to their algorithm in July 2018. Making speed a critical factor for higher SERP.

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Tools and Info

There are many things you can do. 

Page Speed Insights by Google
A good start is to use Googles Page Speed Insights. This will tell you exactly where the problems are. 



Ways you can speed things up

Here are some quick Beginner Tips to help get you into a better range.

Use a CDN

Stands for “Content Delivery Network”. Basically this is a group of servers distributed all over that holds your files for quicker delivery.

Use Cache

Cache is essentially memory. Instead of making the round trip back to the server to get the info, it stores it for quicker response.

Use a great hosting solution-

I don’t recommend using the shared hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostgator or goDdaddy. Their shared hosting is extremely bloated and there’s a reason it’s so cheap. Utilize a great hosting solution. I see an average of 1 second drop off just by switching a client to our hosting solution. 1 SECOND!!!!!

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Optimize your images

Reduce the file size as much as possible. Why try and move large files. It takes longer to load  and it also creates more bandwidth on your server slowing you down further.

Optimize use of Javascript/CSS

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