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Why Should Your Brand Be Consistant?

Think as yourself as a person buying a house for a moment. You look online or you drive around the neighborhoods looking at homes. After awhile the homes start to blend all together. 

You come around the corner and you see directional signs that are perhaps white with blue text and you decide to follow it down the road. Then you see an open house sign but it has greens and yellows but you think, this must be the house the directional signs were for. As you pull up to the curb you see the yard sign and it has Red and blacks. 

Now you walk into the open house and you see all kinds of cards and brochures. Which one of them belongs to the agent?

How did all that make you feel? Pretty hard to remember who you talked to about which house? Right?

Now imagine you follow signs that all look the same and have a professional look and feel. You start to trust you’re on the right path? Right?

Then again, you might be like, HEY! This was the same agent that was listing the other house we just drove by!

Consistant Branding if VERY important.

  • It’s Marketing at a higher level. Look at Pepsi or Target. Everything looks the same and you probably guess it’s one of their ads without even seeing their logo! 
  • Consistent Branding gives the impression you’re more dependable
  • Consumers have more trust in brands that they’ve seen and recognize.

Consumers buy upon trust and familiarity. 

 Interaction with consumers happens dozens of times before a purchase is made. Being that consistent look and feel is a major step to growing that trust and familiarity. 

We have several popular packages to help get you started and all can be customized to fit your needs.