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Website Packages

Mobile Site

Specifically designed to fit the small screen of phones

Perfect for...

  • You are happy with your main website, but you know the need of a mobile optimized site.
  • Budget is a concern. You want a low starting investment & low monthly fees.
  • You just need a mobile site with important mobile functionality such as click to call, location, directions, coupons, etc...

Local Biz Website

Screen, Landing Pages, email signup

Perfect for...

  • You no longer desire a placecard to validate your business card and prefer a lead generator.
  • Local customers is your market you want a website that would give your local market personalized experience.
  • Time is short, and you require an internet presence as soon as possible.

Semi-custom Site

Monthly fee may be required

Rebranded to align with your company. Ecommerce starts in this category.

Perfect for...

  • Your business need a professional online presence with lead or sales generation features.
  • You want custom design elements to convey your brand in an original fashion.
  • The final product is a professional website with a variety additional features which are very attractive.

Premiere Site

Fee depends on the scope

Completely unique design and development

Perfect for...

  • Your business requires a Fully Custom Design with many original elements to accelerate lead generation and sales conversions.
  • You want amazing graphics and imagery unlink any other to fuel your brand growth.
  • You are developing a Full Fledge Online Business with heavy commerce.
  • You require a heavy amount of SEO, Content Marketing and/or other Lead Gen tools.
  • There is heavy emphasis on user experience (UX) and how people interact with your website.

Security Service Packages

Package 1

  • Setup - Including SSL Install.*
  • Keep plugins updated
  • Ensure Backups are going
  • Standard backup space used

$30/mo Setup*: $250 + SSL

Package 2

  • Setup - Including SSL Install.*
  • Keep plugins updated
  • Ensure Backups are going
  • Use Cloud Space**

$40/mo Setup*: $300 + SSL Support discount : 10%

Package 3

  • Setup - Including SSL Install.
  • Keep plugins updated
  • Ensure Backups are going
  • Securi Monitoring

$50/mo Setup*: $350 Support discount : 20%

Package 4

  • Setup - Including SSL Install.
  • Keep plugins updated
  • Ensure Backups are going
  • Use Cloud Space**
  • Securi Firewall & Monitoring

$70/mo Setup*: $350 Support discount : 20%

What we offer

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Time is always money in business. We use our time to save you money. From your website, to logos, to business cards. We'll work with you to build your brand.


Digital Marketing

The more you are constantly seen in the market, the more people become aware of your brand and business. In order to gain their trust and loyalty, you will need an online marketing strategy that works, and that’s where we come in.


When it comes to security, we take it very seriously. We make sure to add layers of protection to your website so you can have your peace of mind knowing that your online presence is properly functioning and well-secured.

Graphic Design

We create strong and impactful designs for web and digital that visually introduce and promote your business. With careful planning and strategizing, we go the extra mile in identifying and understanding what your business is all about in order to tailor design solutions for you.


With our versatile team, we aim to successfully deliver the appropriate solution to your problem, from revamping your website and meeting your expectations to doing troubleshooting when things go south. We’ll always be at your back tackling and solving the complex stuff for you.


It is definitely the online shopping era and one cannot deny the invaluable merchant benefits of having set up an online store. It costs less to set up and run than a physical shop, and it provides easy access for your customers to buy 24/7/365. Let us help you start your online shop today and make your mark in the online business.

Print Materials

We may already be in a digital world, but print materials are still needed and a great outlet in reinforcing your brand’s story. We create professionally-crafted and eye-catching print materials and pieces that make a good lasting impression.