Is your site secured with an SSL? It better be! Here’s why

I’ve been saying this over and over for at least 2 years. SECURITY SECURITY SECURITY

This is your business right? You wouldn’t leave the front door of your brick and mortar unlocked, let alone wide open would you? NO you wouldn’t so why would you do that to your online business?

Google is now enforcing the reason to have your site secured. If you don’t have an SSL in place when the latest chrome browser is released, the following will happen.

    1. 1) A security warning will popup
    1. 2) Google will indoubtedly penalize you severely
    1. 3) users will run the other way

Why do you want an SSL?

    1. 1) Encrypts information being passed over the net
    1. 2) Helps protect you from cybercriminals stealin your info
    1. 3) Helps build Trust and Brand Power

What is an SSL and what does it do?
An SSL Holds the following information:

    1. 1) Name of the holder
    1. 2) Serial Number
    1. 3) Expiration Date
    1. 4) Copy of the public key for the holder
    1. 5) Digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority

These all allow the protected link between server and the browser giving you further protection

Here’s how you can tell if your site is not protected. Your website will say “HTTP://” up in the web address bar.
You should have an SSL if you have a contact or any other form that takes and submits info, search bar, log in panels and anything that takes info from the user.

Now don’t be fooled. Just because you have an SSL Cert, it doesn’t mean your website is secure. Just the info that is submitted is encrypted. You should still take the necessary steps to protect your site for nefarious people.

Our security packages now include the installing of the SSL on your website when we setup the rest of your security. see what plan might fit your needs and don’t get left behind when google updates the browser

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